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People who are self-employed are at a HIGH RISK of being mis sold payment protection insurance (PPI).  For Public Sector workers such as teachers, police officers, council workers etc, they have financial benefits with their job so it would not be necessary to take out PPI on a loan. 

For the self-employed, if you run your own business, taking out PPI could be worthless as many PPI policies do not cover the self-employed so you could be paying your hard-earned money for nothing.  You should seek alternative cover and look at your loan agreements.  If you have PPI look at the small print and make that PPI claim now.

Further, if you are self employed and due to suffering an injury or become sick then you may be eligible to receive incapacity benefits. What is often not explained is that even if the PPI policy pays out, it may not cover you for the first month or so and is often limited for 12 months in any event. You are not fully protected.

Can I still claim PPI if I am Self-Employed?

We estimate that if a self-employed person was sold PPI which was added to a business loan, personal loan, credit card or mortgage there is a HIGH RISK that the PPI has been mis-sold.  Self-employed PPI claims are our speciality. The main reason why we consider PPI was mis-sold to the self employed was because the PPI claim advisor failed to ask the right question or that they did not care if the self-employed were covered.  Banks and lenders obtained large commissions on selling PPI which was never declared to the self-employed borrower.

One Self-Employed PPI Claim of Note

One of our client’s ran a chauffer business and lost a major contract with his client and fell behind on his business loan.  The loan was to purchase his specialist imported vehicle.  The lender who sold him PPI advised via his insurance company that he was not covered under the PPI policy.  Surprise to him, but not a surprise to us as we see denials under the policy all the time.

The lender took court proceedings against our client for repossession of the vehicle and arrears under the self-employed loan.  We defended his case and put in a counter claim for the sum of money under the self employed PPI policy who should have recovered.  After hard negotiations, our self-employed client was delighted that the entire debt on the vehicle was to be dropped. He was able to hand over the vehicle without any arrears and that the lender had to pay our legal costs.

So Can The Self-Employed Claim Back PPI?

The answer is emphatically yes. Get expert legal PPI solicitors advice from us.  We offer a No Win No Fee PPI Claim Guarantee.  You simply have nothing to worry about and nothing to lose by making a PPI claim with us.


People are now claiming back mis-sold PPI from Banks and Lenders such as Lloyds PPI claims, Barclays PPI claims, First Plus PPI claims, HSBC PPI claims and many more. In May 2011, Banks and Lenders have put aside £Billions to refund PPI back to customers.

No Win No Fee – PPI Claim Service

We offer a no win no fee service guaranteed.  As specialist PPI claim solicitors, we are confident of a successful PPI claim result. Why? - Because of our excellent success record and we are only paid by results. We have been undertaking PPI refunds for years and know all the tricks and delay tactics by the banks and lenders.

You could be owed £thousands! Don’t delay making a claim, money could be waiting for you.  Just pick up the phone and call 0800 011 2757 between 9.30 am to 6.00 pm Monday to Friday or complete our Online PPI Claim Form.


Please read our PPI Testimonials and read our PPI No Win No Fee Guarantee. Quite simply you have nothing to lose by instructing professional PPI Solicitors as we are only paid if we win and there are NO UP FRONT CHARGES.

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Rather than fill in our Online self-employed PPI claim form, you can click on the Claim Form below, print it off, complete and send to us.

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