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Companies Which Have Been Fined For The Mis-Selling Of PPI

The Financial Services Authority (FSA) has fined a many of the UK's Leading banks & lenders for the same mis-selling of PPI policies. Here is an example of extent of some of the fines which have been issued;

  • Alliance & Leicester - PPI fined £7 million
  • HFC Bank - PPI fined £1 million
  • Egg - PPI fined £721,00
  • GE Capital - PPI fined £610,000
  • Loans.co.uk - PPI fined £455,000
  • Regency Mortgage - PPI fined £270,000
  • Redcats - PPI fined £270,000
  • Capital One - PPI fined £175,000

Companies Which We Are Currently Dealing With

I AM HAPPI are currently taking on numerous cases against different leading banks and money lenders in the UK for the mis-selling of the controversial payment protection insurance (PPI).