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Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) claims are the main source of complaint to the Financial Ombudsman. PPI was often sold with a loan or credit card to protect the borrower if they fell ill or lost their job and was unable to repay the loan. However due to the fact that this type of insurance was often mis-sold, the borrower simply purchased a very expensive piece of paper that was worthless. The mis-selling of PPI was on a huge scale and major lending banks have put aside £Billions to compensate victims of mis-selling PPI. Click here to read more on the most common ways PPI was mis-sold.

Making a payment protection insurance claim with I AM HAPPI is easy and simple. We have a dedicated team to deal with mis-selling of PPI claims. Over the last 4.5 years we have recovered £Millions and have set up a dedicated web site to help victims of the PPI mis-selling scandal. We offer a No Win, No Fee, No Worry Service. I AM HAPPI's largest payment protection insurance claim is just over £34,000. That is a staggering amount and our clients have been very HAPPI when we have helped them claim back their PPI.

Payment Protection Insurance Claim Service

Our payment protection insurance claim service offers help and guidance to all our clients who instruct I AM HAPPI. I AM HAPPI offers a friendly service which involves helping clients complete the claim forms, obtaining a copy of the payment protection insurance loan agreement and maximising the PPI claim back redress.

Not Sure About PPI Solicitors?

I AM HAPPI Solicitors offers friendly payment protection insurance help. There is no legal jargon just straight forward PPI claim advice. Our PPI claim back clients will benefit from expert legal advice all under our No Win, No Fee, No Worry Guarantee.

If I AM HAPPI do not recover any payment protection insurance from your loan you do not pay anything at all. If I AM HAPPI do recover your PPI claim then you pay us a competitive 25% plus vat of any benefit you receive from the payment protection insurance claim plus an administration fee of £50 plus vat. You simply do not have anything to lose and everything to gain by making payment protection insurance claims. If you are still unsure why not give I AM HAPPI claims solicitors a try. It will cost you nothing if you lose and you could benefit from £thousands if you win.

The vast majority of payment protection insurance claims are being settled in favour of our clients. You could be one of them so do not delay and claim your PPI back today. You could be owed £thousands!

I am HAPPI is the trading name of R James Hutcheon Solicitors regulated and authorised by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, SRA Registration Number 426885.

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