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We have been helping Radio City 96.7 listeners now for over 2 years claim back mis-sold PPI on their loans and credit cards.

The Banks and Lenders lost their case in the High Court in April 2011. They must now pay back between £5 to £9 Billion in mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance (PPI). Often borrowers are told they have to have PPI to get the loan or simply they do not know PPI has been added to the loan. This is wrong advice, sharp practice and unfair.

Further if you are Self-Employed or you are a Public Sector PPI is probably worthless to you and a complete waste of money.

Some Recent Radio City Client Settlements in 2012

Client from Woolton, Liverpool, recovered £10,886.84 - MBNA PPI claim - credit card

Client from Knotty Ash, Liverpool recovered £2,571.26 - HSBC PPI Claim - loan

Client from Fazakerley, Liverpool recovered £1,373.61 - Santander PPI Claim - loan

Client from Rainhill, Liverpool recovered £5,718.07 - HSBC PPI Claim - loan

Client from Allerton, Liverpool recovered, £2,289.24 - Santander PPI Claim - loan

Client from Aigburth, Liverpool recovered, £1,433.13 MBNA PPI Claim - credit card

... and many more.

Radio City and I AM HAPPI: Hear our adverts on Radio City by clicking on to HAPPI RADIO page or click on the mp3 attachments below. We have been helping borrowers claim back PPI for over 4.5 years. Our Radio Adverts to listeners on our Local Radio, Radio City have been running now for over 18 months.


PPI is often sold with a personal loan, mortgage or credit card. Millions of PPI policies  have been mis-sold and you are entitled to your money back plus interest.

We have been claiming back PPI from a few hundered pounds to over £34,000. We can help you too!

You could be owed £thousands! Don’t delay making a claim, money could be waiting for you.  Just pick up the phone and call 0800 011 2757 between 9.30 am to 6.00 pm Monday to Friday or complete our Online PPI Claim Form.



Please read our PPI Testimonials and read our PPI No Win No Fee Guarantee. Quite simply you have nothing to lose by instructing professional PPI Solicitors as we are only paid if we win and there are NO UP FRONT CHARGES.

A List of Some Lenders You Can Claim Back PPI

First Plus PPI Claims > Barclays PPI Claims > Abbey PPI Claims > Blackhorse PPI Claims > Lloyds PPI Claims > Natwest PPI Claims > Egg PPI Claims > Picture Loans PPI Claims > Santander PPI Claims > Royal Bank of Scotland PPI Claims ... And Many More!

I am HAPPI is the trading name of R James Hutcheon Solicitors regulated and authorised by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, SRA Registration Number 426885.

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