First Plus PPI Claim

Lost Your Job, Had An Accident?

You would expect that the PPI policy that First Plus sold you would offer that piece of mind and step in and pay off your loan.  Unfortunatley this may not be the case as many PPI policies have been mis-sold.  Some PPI policies only provide cover for the first 5 years of the loan so if you lost your job in year 6 of the loan you may not be covered.  This probably was never explained to the borrower.  There are many other reasons why you may not be covered and it might be a fight to make a claim.

It is not just First Plus, many PPI policies have been mis-sold to borrowers accross the UK.

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Advice On How To Make A Claim Against A First Plus PPI Policy

Firstly you must inform First Plus about the claim as soon as possible.  There are usually time limits to make a PPI refund claim.  Then you must fill in a form and sign a declaration.  You must also give consent to release medical details so that the PPI insurance company can make suitable investigations.


We operate a NO WIN. NO FEE, NO WORRY policy so you have nothing to lose to refund your PPI.

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We have also linked below the claim forms for you.  If you need any help I AM HAPPI will help you make that claim.