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Cancel Your PPI Policy With First Plus?

At I AM HAPPI be careful about going it alone to cancel your First Plus Policy.  Seek independant legal advice from I AM HAPPI under a NO WIN, NO FEE, NO WORRY agreement.

Is cancelling a First Plus PPI policy easy?  It should not be a problem but you may lose out on any "money back" agreement First Plus sold you and there could be financial penalties.

That is the bad news.  The good news is that I AM HAPPI will help you claim back your PPI from First Plus with interest. 

It is important that you take legal advice and if this will benefit you.  Simply put as many ppi policies have been mis-sold ppi then to make a first plus ppi claim may be beneficial.  By making a first plus ppi claim through us we will put you back into the same financial position as you would have been had you not taken out the first plus ppi.  As such you will not be disadvantaged by making a first plus ppi claim. 

We can also add interest on top of the first plus ppi claim.


We operate a NO WIN. NO FEE, NO WORRY policy so you have nothing to lose to refund your PPI.

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Pay on results only, see our First Plus claim back ppi blog page.

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