Public Sector PPI Claims

If you work in the public sector such as nurse, teacher, fireman, armed forces, doctor, police, council workers, (and all support staff in the public sector) and have a loan, credit card or mortgage you may have been mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance (PPI). 

PPI Mis-sold to Public Sector Workers – How?

Apart from the most common mis-selling PPI sales techniques (click here for the common mis-sold PPI claims), anybody who collects full sick pay from their employers when they are absent from work due to illness are unlikely to require PPI.  Why? - Because their employer’s sickness benefit often, if not always, will provide better protection than the PPI.

What the banks and lenders of PPI fail to explain in adequate detail is that PPI is only limited to the amount of the loan repayments and for a duration of 12 months.  PPI does not always pay off the loan in full, still leaving the borrower exposed to substantial debts.  There are many other common failings in the sales of PPI but certainly anyone who has a loan of any kind should check their agreements to see if they have PPI and claim it back.

No Win No Fee – PPI Claim Service

We offer a no win no fee service guaranteed.  As specialist PPI claim solicitors, we are confident of a successful PPI claim result. Why? - Because of our excellent success record and we are only paid by results. We have been undertaking PPI refunds for years and know all the tricks and delay tactics by the banks and lenders.

You could be owed £thousands! Don’t delay making a claim, money could be waiting for you.  Just pick up the phone and call 0800 011 2757 or 0151 431 0548 between 9.30 am to 6.00 pm Monday to Friday or complete our Online PPI Claim Form.


Please read our PPI Testimonials and read our PPI No Win No Fee Guarantee. Quite simply you have nothing to lose by instructing professional PPI SOLICITORS as we are only paid if we win and there are NO UP FRONT CHARGES.

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