TV Screen Shot of HAPPI Solicitors
TV Screen Shot of HAPPI Solicitors

Below is the link to our new PPI Solicitors TV advert


Please ensure that you click on the link above to view the New PPI. This is a bold statement from the HAPPI Solicitors who have been undertaking mis-sold ppi claims now for over 4 years. Our Principal Solicitor says that

"whilst we have recovered £Millions of mis-sold payment protection insurance policies over a long period of time, there are still many banking customers who have yet to bring a claim or have had their ppi claim rejected by the banks and are wondering if they should continue. My advice is that all banking customers who have been sold PPI should continue to the bitter end. There are many stories where various banks have simply refused redress of ppi without any good reason. It could be simply due to a lack of correct training by the support staff who are no doubt, overwhelmed with the number of ppi claims. However there have also been stories of banks refusing payouts due to them relying upon customers to give up at the first hurdle. If they are refused they have 6 months time limit to then make a claim otherwise their only redress would be after this period of time to take court action which can be costly. The Ombudsman is unlikely to review the claim if they have failed to claim within the 6 month time limit."


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