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Over the last year PPI claims have been in the Press almost non-stop, starting with the court case decision on 20th April 2011. The last 12 months have seen almost 1 million PPI complaints being made against banks, lenders and insurers in the UK, with just under £2.1bn paid out.

If, within the last ten years, you have taken out a mortgage or loan, or a credit card or store card, you may be owed thousands of pounds. Investigations have shown that many people are still owed money due to being mis-sold PPI and you could be one of them!

PPI was designed to protect payments on a credit card or loan in case you were unable to work through accident, sickness, or redundancy. If you have a mortgage or a loan taken out in the last ten years, you should check to see if you have been mis-sold PPI as it is very likely that you will have a claim. You may also have been sold PPI under a different name -  Accident, Sickness and Unemployment Cover (ASU)  and Loan Protection Insurance (LPI) are both PPI under different name. As specialist PPI claims solicitors we can help you claim back PPI plus interest.

Common mis-selling techniques operated by many mis-sold bank PPI policies can be found by clicking onto our 6 top mis-sold payment protection insurance claims.

You could be owed £thousands! Don’t delay making a claim, money could be waiting for you.  Just pick up the phone and call 0800 011 2757 between 9.30 am to 6.00 pm Monday to Friday or complete our Online PPI Claim Form.

Genuine Solicitors

Please do not confuse us with claims management companies (CMCs).  CMCs are not Solicitors even though they are regulated by the Ministry of Justice.  CMC may not have legally trained personnel or the protection and confidentially offer by Solicitors.  If you are unsure, please always ask the company you are dealing with if they are indeed specialist solicitors or not.  It is easy to check by visiting the Solicitors Regulation Authority web site to see if the company is registered by the SRA.

According to the Telegraph, there continues to be a high number of PPI complained received through claims management companies, some of which have not followed the Financial Ombudsman Service's (FOS) guidance on complaints handling. A spokesman said this has caused "delays" for many customers and "unnecessary additional work" for the FOS.

Banks have complained that many of these claims management companies were bringing "bogus" cases from customers who never had this insurance in the first place. The Financial Ombudsman Service said that while there were a minority of cases like this the fact the uphold rate remained so high, indicated that many people who had been mis-sold this insurance were still not having their complaint dealt with properly by their bank or credit card provider.


Please read our PPI Testimonials and read our PPI No Win No Fee Guarantee. Quite simply you have nothing to lose by instructing professional PPI SOLICITORS as we are only paid if we win and there are NO UP FRONT CHARGES.

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