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We are pleased to announce that one of our clients Mr & Mrs C in September 2010  has recovered a Picture PPI claim of a little over £34,000.  The loan amounted to £100,000

The amount is staggering and is worth repeating.  Our Clients have recovered over £34,000 PPI refund from Picture Loans!

Our clients did not ask for, did not want or required payment protection insurance (PPI) from Picture Loans.  The PPI amount on the loan amounted to just under £25,000 equating to 25% of the full value of the loan.  As the capital PPI cost was added to the loan it attracted interest resulting in higher charges.

In short the total cost of obtaining a PPI Piciture loan restulted in £9,000 in PPI interest charges and a £25,000 Picture PPI.

Mr R Hutcheon our Principal Solicitor was delighted with the Picture PPI refund.

“I am delighted for my Clients’ who recovered this staggering amount from Picture Loans via the compensation fund.  It is our largest PPI amount recovered to date.  In fact our second largest amount recovered was just under £27,000 and this was also a Picture PPI claim…”

Not sure if you have a PPI claim?  Visit our Mis-sold PPI Claim checker

Have You Been Mis-Sold A Picture PPI Policy?

If you think you may have been mis-sold a PICTURE PPI loan (visit Picture PPI Claim Page) you may have been mis-sold a Picture PPI and be entitled to reclaim your PPI on the Picture loan.  Claim now by filling in Mis-sold PPI Claim checker simply provide us with your contact details and we shall email and call you back.  Our forms are very simple, no need to tell us about your loan agreement or financial details on the Form.  Once submitted relax and we shall do all the Picture PPI claims refund on your behalf.   Also don't worry about contacting us as we operate under a NO WIN NO FEE PICTURE PPI refund agreement. Remember  you only pay if you win and nothing if your lose.


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