Payment Protection Insurance

Making a Payment Protection Insurance claim with I AM HAPPI is easy and simple. We have a dedicated team to deal with mis-selling of PPI claims. Over the 4.5 years we have recovered £Millions and have set up a dedicated web site to help victims of the PPI mis-selling scandal. We offer a No Win, No Fee, No Worry Service. I AM HAPPI's largest Payment Protection Insurance claim is just over £34,000. That is a staggering amount and our clients have been very HAPPI when we have helped them claim back their PPI.

As specialist PPI Claim Solicitors we can help you claim back PPI plus interest. PPI has often been mis-sold when added to a loan, credit card or mortgage.

One of the most common ways the banks and lenders sell PPI is by telling the borrower that they have to take out PPI or they won't get the loan. Another common way of mis-selling PPI or they won't get the loan. Another common way of mis-selling PPI is the borrower does not know that PPI has been added onto their loan. In April 2011, the Banks lost in court and will now make PPI refunds if the PPI has in fact been mis-sold, Don't delay, get your PPI refund now by clicking on our PPI claim form. We are expert PPI claim solicitors, not to be confused with Claims Management Companies. Be careful who you instruct. For more information on common mis-selling technqiues operated by many mis-sold bank PPI policies click here.

The First thing you need to do when claiming back PPI is check your loan agreement, credit card statement or mortgage paperwork and see if you have payment protection insurance (PPI). Is so, the next thing to do is contact us, a firm of PPI claim solicitors and we will do the rest!

However, you can still claim back PPI even if you have loast your credit agreement, paid off your loan or if the bank, lender or broker are no longer trading. We will help you every step of the way. Please remember we are PPI claim solicitors, we are not a claims management company and there is a big difference.

If you are not sure if you have PPI we can help you find out. Just call us or email us and we will guide you through the PPI claim back process.

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