Most Common Methods of Mis-selling PPI

We have compiled a list of the 6 most common mis-sold payment protection PPI claims. It is estimated that the PPI insurance sales amount to £4bn a year. If you fit into any of the following criteria you may be rightly entitled to claim back your money.

1. Pressurised Sales

If you were told that the PPI policy was compulsory to take out in order to receive the loan, and if you didn't, you would not be able to take the loan out. This is a form of pressurised selling of PPI.

2. Did not know about the PPI policy

This is one of the biggest areas of mis-sold payment protection insurance. What usually happens is that the sales adviser or banker failed to notify the client that the payment protection insurance was being added onto the loan. If this was the case, we will assume that the PPI policy was compulsory and you may be entitled to the loan being completely written off as well as you receiving your payment of your PPI and interest back.

3. Assumed you wanted PPI

This area is when the sales adviser "assumes" that the client wants the payment protection insurance even thought they haven't asked them. The sales advisor must, before selling the PPI check that the customer really needs this policy.

4. Failure to establish an existing PPI

If the sales advisor hasn't asked the right questions when sorting out the loan, the customer could already have a similar insurance policy sometimes through employment which will cover the repayments if they fall ill for example.

5. Re-selling PPI on second loans

There are some cases with our clients were they have taken out a second loan with the same bank or money lender. This second loan was then used to pay the final payments of the first loan they took out including the PPI, the lenders have then reissued the PPI on the second loan, which we see as unfair on the customer. The PPI in both loans sold can be recovered and the whole debt may be written off as well.

6. PPI may be worthless

If the client was retired, unemployed or self-employed when they were sold the payment protection insurance by the sales advisor. Then it would be a pointless cover to have because it would be worthless to them in these situations.

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