LLoyds PPI Claims - Lloyds Break Away

LLoyds PPI Claims - Lloyds Break Away

Lloyds Drop PPI Test Case

Financial Services Authority, FSA) were to be applied retrospectively would mant past cases of potential mis-selling of PPI, will lead to an extra compensation bill running into billions of pounds.

The High Court heard a judicial review by the British Bankers' Association (BBA) against the recently updated rules of the FSA and last week the judges rejected the BBA's arguments that the rules were unfair because they were retrospective.

In a surprising turn of events, Lloyds Bank decided to break ranks with the BBA and has set aside the sum of £3.2 billion for mis-sold ppi, payment protection insurance.

This makes claiming back Lloyds Ppi claims easier and all Lloyds PPI customers should now contact us via our Lloyds PPI claim back service to ensure that they obtain their Lloyds Ppi compensation.


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