Lloyds Bank Find £Millions mis-sold PPI

Mis-Sold PPI from Llodys Bank

Lloyd's bank has been found £Millions in connection with mis-sold ppi. It is reported that the Lloyd's mis-sold ppi failed to monitor correctly how they dealt with mis-sold ppi reclaims from customers who had tried to claim their PPI back from Lloyds. The FCA the regulator of UK Banks fined Lloyds in the nearly £120 Million. Over the past 15 years it is said tha Lloyds Bank has sold some over 16 Million PPI Policies and the bank estimates that some 45% of Lloyds mis-sold PPI claims have been settled so far.

Lloyds Bank Apology for PPI Claims Handling

The bank has apologised for the way PPI claims were handled and claim to have made significant progress to strengthen its business and getting things right.  For more information on this story please see: Lloyds PPI Claims fine £117 Million.

Lloyds PPI Compensation Claims

For further reading on making a Lloyds PPI Claims please see the following links:


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