First Plus PPI Claims

First Plus PPI claims (First Plus are owned by Barclays PPI) are in the news again.  People may remember First Plus by their adverts on TV fronted by Carol Vorderman.

The Guardian has reported on another case where First Plus in are the news again:

Dubious credit insurance was worth millions to the banks. In 2001 Barclays was making 10% of its global profits from the sale of PPI policies in the UK, helped by its purchase the previous year of Woolwich, the former building society. One of its best assets was a Cardiff-based outfit called Firstplus that sold second mortgages, often to people struggling to make the payments on their first mortgage.

At its peak Firstplus had 130,000 customers and 430 staff, and it provided Barclays with another outlet for its PPI business. However, trouble started in 2005 when complaints of strong-arm sales tactics and sky-high interest rates hit the national press.

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