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Barclays PPI insurance reclaims have been popular with our clients. Barclays Bank, amongst other major and not so major lenders have been mis-selling payment protection insurance (PPI) in conjunction with a personal loan.  The personal loan can be secured or unsecured.  It does not matter.   A Barclays PPI claim often arises when Barclays Bank staff that sold the Barclays... Read more
If, within the last ten years, you have taken out a mortgage or loan, or a credit card or store card, you may be owed thousands of pounds. Investigations have shown that many people are still owed money due to being mis-sold PPI and you could be one of them! PPI was designed to protect payments on a credit card or loan in case you were unable to work through accident, sickness, or redundancy. If... Read more
Over the last year PPI claims have been in the Press almost non-stop, starting with the court case decision on 20th April 2011. The last 12 months have seen almost 1 million PPI complaints being made against banks, lenders and insurers in the UK, with just under £2.1bn paid out. If, within the last ten years, you have taken out a mortgage or loan, or a credit card or store card, you may be owed... Read more
We only get paid by results - The beauty about our service is that you only pay us if you recover money either by a refund or the loan being written off.  Quite simply we are only paid by results, as you pay us nothing if you are not financially better off by bringing a claim.  You really do not have anything to lose.  You could be entitled to £thousands in mis-sold payment... Read more
People who are self-employed are at a HIGH RISK of being mis sold payment protection insurance (PPI).  For Public Sector workers such as teachers, police officers, council workers etc, they have financial benefits with their job so it would not be necessary to take out PPI on a loan.  For the self-employed, if you run your own business, taking out PPI could be worthless as... Read more
If you work in the public sector such as nurse, teacher, fireman, armed forces, doctor, police, council workers, (and all support staff in the public sector) and have a loan, credit card or mortgage you may have been mis-sold payment protection insurance (PPI).  PPI Mis-sold to Public Sector Workers – How? Apart from the most common mis-selling PPI sales techniques (click here for the common... Read more
As specialist PPI claims solicitors we can help you claim back PPI plus interest. PPI has often been mis-sold when added to a loan, credit card or mortgage.  Common mis-selling techniques operated by many mis-sold bank PPI policies can be found by clicking onto our 6 top mis-sold payment protection insurance claims. Years of PPI Claims PPI Solicitors have been helping PPI consumers... Read more
We have compiled a list of the 6 most common mis-sold payment protection PPI claims. It is estimated that the PPI insurance sales amount to £4bn a year.  If you fit into any of the following criteria you may be rightly entitled to claim back your money. 1.    Pressurised Sales If you were told that the PPI policy was compulsory to take out in order to receive the loan,... Read more
The first thing you need to do when claiming back PPI is check your loan agreement, credit card statement or mortgage paperwork and see if you see that you have payment protection insurance (PPI). If so, the next thing to do is contact us, a firm of PPI claims solicitors, and we will do the rest. However, you can still claim back PPI even if you have lost your credit agreement, paid off your... Read more
Home > Payment Protection Insurance > A lady client from Fazakerly Liverpool contacted us via our Radio City PPI Advert. She banked with HSBC and took out two loans. Within a matter of months she received an offer to settle both her HSBC PPI Claims in the sum of £11,408.25. You could be owed £thousands! Don’t delay making a claim, money could be waiting for you.  Just pick up the phone... Read more