Do I have a PPI Claim?

What I am Happi Solicitor will look for in a PPI claim

In making a PPI claim we shall look at all the circumstances of how the PPI was sold to see if you could make a PPI claim. In particular:-

  • Did they undertake a fact find or demands and needs assessment – in short was the PPI suitable for you.
  • The type of documentation produced at the time
  • How the loan agreement was drawn up
  • The clarity of advice given to you
  • Any recordings of telephone conversations

It appears that many PPI policies have been mis-sold with loans at the point of sale.  If you feel  you have been mis-sold a PPI policy please contact us or visit our top six mis-sold PPI policies.

It will cost you nothing to see if you have a PPI claim and we operate a No Win No Fee No Worry PPI claim service.

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