Claim back your HSBC PPI Today!

We have reclaimed PPI (Payment Protection Insurance) from HSBC. HSBC PPI reclaims of Payment Protection Insurance have been repaid to many of our clients for mis-sold HSBC PPI. HSBC are not alone in the alleged mis-selling of PPI claims but certainly have been culpable.

HSBC PPI Insurance is often sold with a personal loan to bank customers to help protect their bank loans in case they cannot repay their loan in case of accident, sickness or redundancy. The principal of HSBC PPI Insurance is admirable but the problem with the sale of HSBC PPI Insurance (not in every case of course) is that there has not been a full fact finder into their customers details resulting in a possible mis-sold HSBC PPI Insurance.

It is not just the fact finder that may have not been thorough when selling PPI Insurance but action cost of the PPI Insurance. Taking out a HSBC PPI policy at the same time as taking out a personal loan is like taking out two loans:

HSBC Loan 1 - The loan the customer wanted

HSBC Loan 2 - The capital cost of the PPI Insurance policy.

Why two loans?

The HSBC PPI Insurance is simply added to the loan which means that the customer is lent the money to buy a HSBC PPI policy. As it is a loan, the customer not only has to repay the HSBC PPI loan but also interest. As interest on the HSBC PPI insurance starts to run from the day the HSBC loan is taken out, it means it can be a very expensive for an alleged piece of mind.

If you have been mis-sold HSBC PPI insurance, call us to see if the PPI has been mis-sold. You could be entitled to claim back £thousands from a HSBC PPI mis-sold payment protection insurance.


You may have been mis-sold a HSBC PPI and be entitled to reclaim your PPI on your HSBC loan. Claim now by filling in Our Contact Form, simply provide us with your contact details and we shall email and/or call you back. Our forms are very simple, no need to tell us about your loan agreement or financial details on the form. Once submitted relax and we shall do all the HSBC PPI claims refund on your behalf. Also don't worry about contacting us as we operate under a No Win, No Fee HSBC PPI refund agreement.

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