Can I Claim Back First Plus PPI?

Can I still claim my Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) back against First Plus?

Yes, you can still claim back PPI from First Plus. Despite First Plus PPI situation First Plus are still paying back PPI refunds.

First Plus loans are secured onto the borrowers property.  PPI is sold on top of the secured PPI loan. The PPI on the secured First Plus loan is thus attracting interest from the day it is took out to over the length of the loan, typically 15 years to 25 years.

First Plus secured PPI loans attract a great deal of interest over the length of the term making it a very costly PPI loan.  If the borrower defaults they risk losing their home.

If you do have a First Plus PPI loan or First Plus secured PPI loan contact us now and we will help you claim back your First Plus Loan or First Plus secured loan all under our No Win No Fee PPI claim back service.

There are many ways to contact us to take action.  Your claim could be worth ┬úTHOUSANDS contact us to find out.  We operate a No Win No Fee PPI Claim service so you have nothing to lose. 

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