Blackhorse PPI Claims

Black Horse PPI Claims
Black Horse PPI Claims

Blackhorse PPI Claims

The sale of huge PPI (Payment Protection Insurance) Commissions on the back of loans have been the reason for a wide-spread mis-sold PPI Claims. PPI has been sold over the years as an insurance policy to protect the borrower if he/she was unable to work due to sickness, redundancy etc. Should this occur the PPI would set in and pay off the loan so the lender and borrower are protected. However, millions of PPI have been mis-sold making the PPI policy worthless to the borrower. However the lender's selling the PPI policies have made £Millions on the kick back commissions payable when it is sold along side the loan.

Some commissions can be between 70-80% of the cost of the PPI.

PPI commissions are expensive and added to the loan which attracts interest. The costs are not felt by the borrower as they are spread over the whole repayment period usually lasting many years.

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If PPI is sold correctly, there is an argument now that if commission was payable which the identity of the recipients and/or the amount of the commission is not disclosed to the borrower before the loan is entered into, the loan agreement may be deemed to be unfair by the Court. Should that be the case, the borrowers can receive back all the commissions and interest payable under the loan which could lead to £Thousands PPI refunds.

Blackhorse PPI Claims - Get redress now

Contact us if you wish to make a Blackhorse PPI Claims, even if you are unsure we may be able to help you.

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