Barclays PPI Claims

Barclays PPI insurance reclaims have been popular with our clients. Barclays Bank, amongst other major and not so major lenders have been mis-selling payment protection insurance (PPI) in conjunction with a personal loan.  The personal loan can be secured or unsecured.  It does not matter.   A Barclays PPI claim often arises when Barclays Bank staff that sold the Barclays payment protection insurance failed to undertake the necessary check and compliance issues. The end result of the Barclays PPI insurance sale is that their customer cannot claim against the PPI policy.

As a result, the Barclays missold PPI insurance could be worthless and will fail to protect the customer should they fall ill or lose their job for instance. 

A mis-sold PPI insurance policy from Barclays and other lenders can be pursued and claimed back plus interest.  Don’t delay making a Barclays PPI claim, CONTACT US NOW!

If you have answered YES  to one or more of the above questions you may have been mis-sold a Barclays PPI and be entitled to reclaim your PPI on the Barclays loan.  Claim now by filling in OUR CONTACT FORM, simply provide us with your contact details and we shall email and call you back.  Our forms are very simply, no need to tell us about your loan agreement or financial details on the Form.  Once submitted relax and we shall do all the Barclays PPI claims refund on your behalf.   Also don't worry about contacting us as we operate under a NO WIN NO FEE Barclays PPI refund agreement.