Banks Refusing To Pay Out PPI!

Banks Refusing To Pay Out PPI!
Banks Refusing To Pay Out PPI!

Banks Refusing To Pay Out PPI!

Where borrowers have attempted but failed to claim back their ppi from banks and lenders, the banks are still refusing to look at the mis-selling of ppi in the light of the new FSA rules.

The new FSA rules required to banks to review their procedures in selling PPI with the benefit of hindsight and greater stringent compliance.

However according to the Daily Mail, the banks will rely upon a legal loop hole to avoid having to look at older ppi claims that have been rejected in the past.

Can I still claim back PPI if my case in rejected?

The jury is still out at this time but in view of the new rules in which banks must review ppi claims, it make sense that if ppi mis-selling cases in the past have been rejected they should be considered again in the light of the new Rules.

Should I Use a PPI Claim Solicitor?

There are many “non-solicitors” who say make a PPI claim direct.  Yes you can do that but the evidence above, in the light of the banks’ substantial failure in Court and from our experience indicates that it can still be a good idea to instruct a ppi claims solicitor.  We can do all the work, press the banks into making a complaint all under a NO WIN NO FEE PPI SOLICITOR SERVICE. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.



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