Abbey PPI Claims

Abbey PPI Claims

One of the main reasons for the sale of PPI Policies with the loan was not only the profit on the policy but the commissions payable to the sales company. The commission can be huge and in the case of a recent test case, over 70% of the value of the PPI policy was the PPI commission alone.

Think you may have a mis-sold Abbey PPI Claim

Even if the PPI policy may have been sold correctly, there is still a possibility that the money borrowers have paid can be reclaimed if the lender failed to disclose not only the existence of the commissions but the amount concerned.

In an important case in the Supreme Court the court it found that whilst the lender advised the borrower that commission is payable it failed to disclose the amount. In this case the PPI Policy which was added to the loan and thus gaining interest was a little under £6,000 but the commission was over £4,000.

Under the Consumer Credit Act the Court and look at loan agreements if such undisclosed commission could be said to be unfair to the borrower.

In this important case the failure to disclose the amount of the commission was deemed to be unfair and as a result and ordered the case to be referred back to the local court to confirm the amount of PPI redress.

Abbey PPI Claims - Get redress now

Contact us if you wish to make a Abbey PPI claim, even if you are unsure we may be able to help you.

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